Temporary Staffing

Our large, experienced, trained and qualified applicant pool is prepared to meet the needs for our clients. Our streamlined process allows us to quickly identify, process and place candidates in the field once we’re notified of a job order.

Temporary To Hire

We can give you the vehicle to evaluate a potential candidate’s on-site performance before making a final hiring decision, helping reduce potential risk of hiring the wrong employee that doesn’t fit well with the team or company culture.

Recruitment Campaigns

Recruitment campaigns are a great way to drive interest for a specific position you are looking to field by using social media. ITC understands the rigors of putting out an effective campaign and can assist in the process from cradle to grave.

Direct Hire Solutions

Discovering direct-hire talent for your long-term needs requires different recruiting techniques than traditional temporary staffing. At ITC we have several solutions in our tool bag specifically focused on finding the best match for your organization. Our proven techniques allow us to search and place entry level personnel all the way up to key management for your organization. Our team acts as an extension of your human resources department and offers relief from the labor and time intensive activities related to vetting, interviewing and selecting a candidate.

Talent Mapping

On-Going intelligence and research is key for a long term talent acquisition strategy within the industry. ITC’s diverse understanding and expanded geographical footprint allows us to report trends and give our clients a competitive edge in securing long term talent for both the short and long term needs.

Payroll Services

Our open payroll services allows us to effectively deliver payroll and billing services to our clients while ensuring tax and legal compliance. With an outsourced payroll service, your organization will gain eciencies with complete visibility of budget and spend, payroll benchmarking, bundled online timesheet and approval process as well as a team to monitor and report performance on an ongoing basis.